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Dr. Ryley Layden D.C. Sports Chiropractor in Rochester, MN is certified, educated and experienced in SFMA™

SFMA™ in Rochester, MN: SFMA™, the abbreviated form of Selective Functional Movement Assessment, is a comprehensive movement assessment used to categorize movement patterns. It is also used to direct manual therapies to efficiently and effectively treat movement dysfunction at RAK Chiropractic.

This assessment targets patients that are experiencing pain with movement. SFMA™ will serve to efficiently integrate the concepts of posture, muscle balance, and fundamental patterns of the movement system. SFMA™ is designed to help diagnose and treat the patient, using the best possible rehabilitative and therapeutic exercises; having a certification in this technique can enhance the work of the licensed professional.

SFMA™ Is a Series of Seven Full-Body Movement Tests

These tests initially assess the patterns of movements your body makes such as, bending, squatting, and lunging forward. This assessment will guide the Doctor to the painful and non-painful movements that are not functioning properly; from these movements the doctor will determine which particular motion is most dysfunctional. This offers a new approach to treating specific problems in patients.

SFMA™ has become very popular in sports medicine, it has taught us that finding an injury risk should include an assessment of the body’s movement’s patterns. Injuries related to sports activity and or chronic cumulative motions and movements typically are a direct result of a particular movement and have a detrimental and limiting effect on the patient healing from the injury.

Ryley Layden, DC Utilizes Many Additional Therapies to Complement SFMA™

This advanced technique when combined with Dr. Ryley’s specialty manual therapies like GT (Graston Technique) and KT (Kinesio Taping) along with the chiropractic adjustment are proven to reduce symptoms, restore proper biomechanics, improve flexibility, and range of motion. It will also decrease the chance of reoccurrences while enhancing sport performance.

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