Here it from within RAK!

Many of our patients choose to share their experience at RAK Chiropractic, but I wanted to offer a different perspective and take the opportunity to share mine. I have been working at RAK Chiropractic for almost 3 years and decided to ask Dr. Ryley and Dr. Katie if I could write a post about how RAK Chiropractic has helped me.

When I first started, I had never had Chiropractic Care before. I had just moved to Rochester and was looking for an administrative job. I finally came upon RAK Chiropractic. It didn’t take long for me to believe in the power of Chiropractic care and how it can change a person’s life. I had horrible shoulder pain for years, had been to a ton of doctors and taken many different pain medications. I’ve had MRI’s, surgery, done all of the stretches, physical therapy, etc. and nothing ever helped me. After just month or so of getting adjustments, my shoulder pain decreased immensely!

Although not being in constant pain was an amazing feeling, I have noticed so many other changes in myself! My health has completely changed due to the guidance of Dr. Ryley and Dr. Katie. I had gained a ton of weight before I started working at RAK. At first, I wanted to lose weight and while a part of me still does, it’s much more than that. For the first time in my entire life, I know what it feels like to feel HEALTHY! Not only do I have fewer colds (2 in the last 3 years), if I do get a cold it is very mild and only lasts a few days. I also went from taking 3-4 hour naps almost every day to taking no naps and having so much energy I hardly like to sit down anymore. I went from eating TV dinners and fast food to cooking almost every night. I have learned what foods to eat, what supplements to take and what foods to stay far away from. My hobbies changed from sitting and watching TV all day to going to the gym, hiking, and riding my bike.

To me, Dr. Ryley and Dr. Katie are more than bosses and more than chiropractors, they are a support system that genuinely cares about your wellbeing and your health. Not only your health, but your family’s health as well. My husband gets regular adjustments and no longer wakes up every morning trying to pop his own hip. In fact, he never even has hip pain anymore. He doesn’t eat frozen pizza anymore, he goes on bike rides and hikes with me, and absolutely loves going to the gym.

The biggest change I have noticed in myself is that I am happy! Maybe it’s the atmosphere or fact that I have no pain in my shoulder. Maybe it’s my diet or a combination of these things. Or maybe it’s because I work at a place where I get to help people become the best and healthiest versions of themselves. Whatever the reason is, it feels good to be happy and I am very grateful for RAK Chiropractic.

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