Medical Insurance? Mayo insurance through Medica?

Our main goal is provide you with the best experience.  We do this by providing the best chiropractic care we can, matched with the best customer service!  In order to help us provide for you we would like for you to understand how your insurance may work with Chiropractic Care.

We ask that you understand that your chiropractic insurance coverage is managed differently from your medical benefits (this is the same for all participating Chiropractic Clinics). Medica chiropractic insurance is regulated through a specialty third party chiropractic regulator know as Optum Health.

This means that if you think you’d like to use your insurance we need specific forms filled out that we then have to submit to them. They will then in turn dictate, a date range that your chiropractic care has to fall within and/or a certain number of allotted adjustments along with how and where the adjustments may be performed.

If you’d like use your insurance that is managed by Optum Health, we ask that you fill out the appropriate forms and present them with your ID and Insurance card upon your initial appointment with us.

As for child chiropractic care, they have a separate ‘infant care policy’ that has to be followed.  For more detailed information please see within our office.

We appreciate your help and understanding with this.

Just because you have insurance doesn’t mean it has to be used!  In order to keep things simple and maximize your chiropractic care and experience we have non-insurance options that most of our patients choose to utilize.

For more information we ask that you head over to our NEW PATIENT CENTER to help prepare yourself for your first visit with us.

Once again, thank you for choosing RAK Chiropractic. We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you into the RAK family!

*Non-Insurance chiropractic care with us, is straight forward and generally allows us to give you better care at a discounted rate.

*Upon your first visit, if you choose to present RAK Chiropractic with an insurance card and complete the insurance paperwork, your insurance may be billed.

Once all insurance information has been gathered and your insurance coverage has been verified, this “New Patient” special payment you have made will be applied to your co-payment, co-insurance, deductible, or uncovered services. This could result in a portion or a credit.