It is important to address the underlying cause for the condition; focusing treatment only on the area of pain often fails to address a lot of issues and yields disappointing results.

Our unique, individualized specialized treatment protocols are very effective in treating and resolving these conditions. We are able to achieve this because we look at the body as a whole and correct the true, root cause.

RAK Chiropractic works with the spine to influence the NERVOUS SYSTEM, both directly and indirectly. All functions of the body are run by the nervous system. Every muscle, organ, tissue, and cell is controlled by nerve impulses traveling back and forth from the brain. In the field of chiropractic, the nervous system is controlled through adjustments of the spine. The spine houses and protects the spinal cord, through which nerve fibers pass from the brain to different parts of the body. The nerves leave the spinal cord through the boney segments in your back called VERTEBRAE.

When vertebrae, (through sporting events, car accidents, poor posture, slips and falls, along with the birthing process, not only for the mother but the child as well) become dysfunctional, the opening closes down on the nerve resulting in decreased nerve function, which is known as a SUBLUXATION. The decreased nerve function (subluxation) can be asymptomatic or can cause numerous conditions. The objective of chiropractic care is to reduce these subluxations and increase nerve flow. This removes the cause of pain and dysfunction, allowing the body to perform at its greatest potential!

Biomechanically, chiropractic joint manipulation or mobilization restores normal motion and alignment to the joints assisting in restoring proper mechanics, thus allowing the body to perform at it’s best through proper alignment.

Hering's Law of the Order of Cure

Constantin Hering (1800 - 1880)
"All cure comes from within out, from the head down and in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared in the body."