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  • “I would like to convey my personal thanks to Dr. Ryley Layden for the outstanding care I have received at RAK Chiropractic. Your help with the treatment, along with your determination to solve the problems I was having went far beyond what I had hoped for, and I am grateful.”

    ~Bev D.

  • "I would highly recommend RAK Chiropractic for any athlete or 'wannabe' athlete with pain. I am an avid golfer, runner and tennis player and have had pain in my back and leg for a number of years. I was pleasantly surprised at the immediate relief in my back after just one treatment."

    ~Sylvia R.

  • "The doctors are courteous and professional using cutting edge techniques for pain relief."

    ~Sylvia R.

  • "When I see Dr Katie at RAK, she takes the time to address all of my pains and concerns no matter how long it takes."

    ~Bridget S.

  • "What a great addition to the Rochester area!"

    ~Lisa J.

  • "She pin pointed the problem, informed me of how to fix it and made it happen."

    ~Andrew R.

  • "After one treatment, my pain had subsided considerably and after six treatments, it was gone and I was walking pain free and without a limp."

    ~Barb G.

  • "This is my second pregnancy and I can’t believe the difference just by getting adjusted regularly. I feel great with zero aches or pains!"

    ~Lisa J.

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