Cars and Chiropractic Care?

June 13th, 2018

Regular chiropractic care allows repetitive adjustments to help reinforce normal position in the ligaments, muscles and bones around the spinal cord and nerve roots.

Your Body is Like a Car

Perhaps the simplest way to explain chiropractic care is with the help of a car analogy. Having an automobile requires routine maintenance to ensure that it continues to run smoothly. In addition to regular check-ups, sometimes you may be forced to take it in for repair, like when a part starts to malfunction or after an auto accident.

This is not all that different than your body.The best way to stay healthy is be proactive about your health, but sometimes you have an accident (like a sports injury or an accident) and you should see a doctor to repair the injury.

One major difference between your vehicle and your body is that a broken car can be replaced. With your body, there’s no going out to buy a fresh one or trade it in when the damage is too costly. So, keeping your body in pristine shape ought to be a priority if you expect it to look great and work effectively well into old age.

How Your RAK Chiropractic Doctor Can Keep Your “Car” in Top Shape

Because a doctor of chiropractic addresses the spine, getting normal care will help you to obtain and maintain good health. It will reduce your likelihood of developing back and neck pain that can lower your quality of life. Chiropractic also keeps your body running as efficiently as possible.

The spinal column protects your spinal cord which forms a connection between your brain and the rest of your body through the spinal nerves that extend into all areas of the body. So, if you have a spinal misalignment, other areas of your body are affected. Given that a spinal misalignment upsets the central nervous system, other systems — like your digestive, respiratory, or reproductive systems — may be impacted as well.


It is important to address the underlying cause for the condition; focusing treatment only on the area of pain often fails to address a lot of issues and yields disappointing results.

Our unique, individualized specialized treatment protocols are very effective in treating and resolving these conditions. We are able to achieve this because we look at the body as a whole and correct the true, root cause.


Rochester MN 55901 Chiropractor

RAK Chiropractic, a husband and wife team, are the ‘GO TO’ specialist chiropractors in Rochester, MN providing chiropractic care delivered with some of the most advanced techniques available today.

RAK integrates pediatric chiropractic, pre and postnatal care (Webster Technique), sports chiropractic, rehabilitation, as well as specialized soft tissue treatments to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. The specialized techniques provided at RAK Chiropractic are used for all ranges of individuals.

The doctors are dedicated going above and beyond with their training to help provide the best individualized and specialized chiropractic care in the Rochester area. Every patient is unique and the doctors at RAK Chiropractic are trained to efficiently diagnose and prescribe the most effective course of treatment for your individual needs.

Our highly trained doctors and staff will deliver cutting edge treatment and education to meet your needs. Every patient is unique and the doctors at RAK Chiropractic are trained to efficiently diagnose and prescribe the most effective course of treatment for your individual needs.


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