RAK’s newest famous family!

January 16th, 2018


#rak’s newest famous family!

Great family, all #welladjusted and as happy and healthy as could be!

Thanks Gibbs family!

What is your favorite part about coming to RAK Chiropractic?

We love the knowledge and expertise that both Dr. Ryley and Dr. Katie have in regards to wellness.  They truly care about their patients’ whole well-being, not just limited to the awesome adjustments we receive!  They have an incredible ability to remember your personal history, and always seek to solve issues as they arise.

Our kids’ favorite, however, would most definitely be Lulu!


Sara and Steve, you have been bringing your kids into RAK for over 2 years now, what are the biggest changes you have noticed with them getting regular chiropractic care? 

We find they sleep better after chiropractic adjustments, and they are really healthy kids overall!  They do not seem to be sick as often as their peers, and when they do get a virus, their bodies are able to recover more quickly.


What is the main reason you and your family continue to come in for maintenance and wellness care? 

We both grew up going to chiropractors.  In fact, Steve’s dad and brother are both chiropractors, so we have been aware of the far-reaching results of chiropractic care for healthy and functioning bodies.  But as we’ve been coming to RAK, we’ve become so impressed with the holistic care that they provide as well as the relationships that they form with their patients.  

Any advice you would give someone unsure about chiropractic?

Chiropractic care can benefit everyone.  Don’t wait to start feeling better!


Happy, healthy and well adjusted!



Why should you choose RAK Chiropractic?

When you walk into our office it may look like the fun, typical chiropractic office, BUT we are far from ordinary! Every individual, big or small has different needs. We aren’t limited on the type of care we provide, striving to motivate our patients by practicing what we preach and by helping patients to take charge of their health!

RAK Chiropractic, a husband and wife team, are the ‘GO TO’ specialist chiropractors in Rochester, MN providing chiropractic care delivered with some of the most advanced techniques available today.

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