Joint or Muscle Pain that Won’t Go Away? Consult with RAK Chiropractic

March 22nd, 2013

A pulled muscle that doesn’t get better? A sore back, knee, hip, elbow, or shoulder that keeps flaring up? Drs Ryley and Katie Layden at RAK Chiropractic in Rochester, MN are experts at relieving relentless injuries. Are you experiencing pain, numbness, weakness or reduced range of motion?

Whether the joint or muscle pain originated during a sports event, while working on a home improvement project, occurred after a car accident, or resulted from getting up out of a chair at the office or off of the couch at home, chiropractic assessment and treatment by the doctors at RAK can get you on a path to recovery.

Doctors Layden at RAK Chiropractic will develop a treatment plan that will incorporate the best treatment options available for your individual situation. Kinesio® Taping is one option they may recommend. This unique, effective method activates your own body’s healing mechanisms.

Kinesio® Taping provides stability to joints and muscles around the clock without impending circulation or range of motion. The taping is used to reduce inflammation and pain. Kinesiology tape can also expedite the removal of the byproducts of fatigued, overused muscles that contribute to stiffness and pain. Recovery is quicker and more complete. Often athletes can remain active while recovering.

If the injury is older and the muscles have weakened, Drs. Layden can apply Kinesio® Taping to strengthen muscles and improve and restore muscle tone. Both pediatric and adult patients can benefit from this therapy. This treatment is especially effective for infants and children with hypotonia that limits their capability to sit up and crawl.

Don’t let a nagging injury keep you from resuming the sports you enjoy. Don’t put up with a sore joint or muscle, even chronic pain that you think is beyond resolution. Contact RAK Chiropractic in Rochester, MN for an assessment and development of an individualized treatment plan.

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