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March 18th, 2012

Bottom line, it is always much easier to prevent an injury than to treat one. Whether you are involved in running, triathlons, basketball, football, soccer, or any other sport that involves high velocity lateral motions, it is well worth having your knees checked for existing meniscus entrapment.  Any local sports teams and clubs, for example the local football team Rochester Giants should contact Dr. Ryley at RAK Chiropractic in Rochester MN 55901 to help not only prevent injuries but to help recover quicker to any injuries already sustained!

This past weekend I had the privilege to it with the inventor and master of Active Release Techniques, Dr. M Leahy in the Masters Seminar in Chicago.

At this course I learned some rather remarkable facts about ART and the Denver Bronco’s football team.  Ever since Dr. Leahy (developer of ART) has worked on them, the Denver Broncos have not required any meniscus surgery (that I know about within the last 4 years). This is an astounding statistic as apparently, in previous years, it was common to have six or more meniscus surgeries per season within the team.

This is a remarkable reduction in overall injuries. This is especially important for professional teams where there is a direct correlation between the injury rates and their standings each season. The higher the injury rates, the more poorly the team will perform, due to key players being benched.

Most meniscus injuries occur during contact activities, usually when the knee is bent, with the foot planted on the ground. These sport-related factors cannot be altered. However, you can deal with a functional factor – meniscus entrapment – long before the tear occurs. If these meniscus entrapments are released before the traumatic event occurs, then many menisci injuries could be avoided.  The meniscus is meant to slide freely in amongst the femur condyles and the tibia and fibula condyles.  There are specific muscles and ligaments that can alter this movement, take for example the medial meniscus.  The medial meniscus has direct attachments from the MCL, semimembranosus (hamstring muscle) and the popliteus muscle among others not mentioned.  If there is a dysfunction to any one of these structures it will alter the function of the menisci and or visa-versa.  By screening for any adhesion’s and relative movement of the menisci, most meniscus and other knee injuries can be avoided!

A dysfunction of the relative motion and movement of the meniscus can cause most knee pain. A lot of athletes, physical therapists, chiropractors, athletic trainers and even orthopedic surgeons are unaware that this can be resolved conservatively.  A person trained and experienced in Active Release Techniques knows exactly how to help prevent unnecessary surgeries and in turn help increase a person’s performance!

RAK Chiropractic has been serving the chiropractor needs of Rochester MN and have a loyal following in town. RAK Chiropractic combines chiropractic care with physical therapy, athletic therapy, nutrition and lifestyle coaching to promote healthy living for the entire family. Dr. Ryley Layden and Dr. Katie Layden provide pediatric, pre and post-natal care, sports chiropractic and soft tissue treatments to athletes and individuals in Southeast Minnesota.

*Special thanks to Dr. Brian Abelson at Kinetic Health, and Dr. M Leahy at ART for the above information and trainings!



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